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Weather Watch Ohio
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Weather Watch means there is a chance that thunder or lightning will be in the vicinity of our training. Thunder and lightning are the two critical weather patterns to avoid when gathering in large open spaces. 

We watch and listen starting 30 minutes before we start.  Sometimes I may make the call earlier, when, like today the forecast calls for episodic and intermittent thunderstorms.

Thunder always cancels Trainings, but will delay Matches.  Said differently, we go ahead and cancel our practices if there is surrounding electrical storms, but on game days, since we have prepared and travelled, we hang around until a 30 minute safe window has passed without sight or sound of the dangerous stuff.  We sit in our cars while waiting out storms regardless of how many folks are milling about in the open.

Sometimes I will cancel if wind or heavy rains is just going to douse us.  Stay tuned to email today, and please RSVP that you got this info.

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