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3v3 Tournament Laws of Play

Law 1: Field of Play
The field shall be the boundaries as marked. Ann Additional boundary arc circumscribing each goal will provide a scoring and defending perimeter.

No players shall enter the defending arc. Infringements shall be penalized with a Direct free Kick for the opposing team.  If both teams enter the area following live play, the referee shall penalize the first team to enter. If players from opposing teams enter the area simultaneously, play shall be stopped and restarted with a dropped ball.

Law 2: The Ball
The ball shall be a futsal ball.

Law 3: Number of Players
The Number of Players shall be 3 on the floor at one time; substitutions occur without stoppage or notifying referee. No goalkeepers are in the game.

Law 4: Players Equipment
All players equipment shall conform to US Soccer player specifications
Teams will be given shirts of a distinguishing color during active play, if the need arises. Players should wear shirt, shoes, socks, shinguards, and either outdoor soccer or indoor soccer shoes.
Any equipment deemed unsafe will have to be removed.

Law 5: The Referee
The Referee is empowered within the proscriptions of the Laws of the Game. During active play, the Referee shall have sole authority. In between matches the competition authority--Athens Soccer Academy--shall decide disputes.
Games shall be officiated using the single or dual Referee system.

Law 6: The Assistant Referee
During active play Athens Soccer Academy may act as Assistant Referee and perform the function of advising the Referee.

Law 7: The Duration of the Match
Games shall last 16 minutes in the Under 10, Under 12, Under 14, and High School Brackets. There is no scheduled halftime, though teams may get one water break. Match duration is subject to shortening subject to scheduling considerations.

The tie-break procedure shall be a Golden Goal, one minute game. If the score remains tied after one minute, then each team shall reduce by one player, and this shall repeat until there is a 1v1 game.

Law 8:The Start and Restart of Play
A coin toss shall decide which goal team gets to kick off. A kick-off may be played into a team's own half (i.e. backward) to start play. Goals may not be scored directly from a kickoff.

Law 9: The Ball In and out of Play
The ball is deemed out of play when it has completely left the field.

Law 10 The Method of Scoring
Awarded Goals must be outside the 15 yard shooting perimeter. In the spirit of these games, any goal "borderline" of this line may be awarded.

Additional Rules
Spirit of Play
The tournament promotes an environment of community spirit, shared respect for athletes, coaches, referees, parents, and teams, etc.

No Awards will given

Substitutions are allowed during active play--including all overtime periods.

There is no offside

Fouls and Misconduct shall follow US Soccer Guidelines

There are no penalty kicks--The Referee shall Award the Goal

Balls out of play are restarted by a kick-in, a goalkick, or a corner kick.

The tie-break procedure shall be
Head to Head
Goals against
Goals For

a Golden Goal mini game, with reducing numbers after 1 minute until 1v1 game of players from opposing teams may determine tied teams.

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Weather Watch Ohio
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Weather Watch means there is a chance that thunder or lightning will be in the vicinity of our training. Thunder and lightning are the two critical weather patterns to avoid when gathering in large open spaces. 

We watch and listen starting 30 minutes before we start.  Sometimes I may make the call earlier, when, like today the forecast calls for episodic and intermittent thunderstorms.

Thunder always cancels Trainings, but will delay Matches.  Said differently, we go ahead and cancel our practices if there is surrounding electrical storms, but on game days, since we have prepared and travelled, we hang around until a 30 minute safe window has passed without sight or sound of the dangerous stuff.  We sit in our cars while waiting out storms regardless of how many folks are milling about in the open.

Sometimes I will cancel if wind or heavy rains is just going to douse us.  Stay tuned to email today, and please RSVP that you got this info.

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