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Albany Indoor

5196 Washington Rd, Albany, OH 45710

Albany Gym Quick directions from Athens
drive into Albany taking 50 and turn right onto the main drag /street at the Marathon. head into "downtown" and pass through the stop sign at the Cornerstone--Underground Railroad Historical Landmark- continue through next intersection and as you come up on a car repair shop (the aptly named Albany Auto) on your left and the Wells public library on your right, turn immediately after the library drive and head up the hill. The school sits directly behind the Wells library 5200 Washington RD

Old Albany Elementary School

 1) the address to the facility is: 5153 Alton St, Albany OH 45710.
This is the building directly behind the public Library in Albany (Wells public library).  It is the FORMER Albany  elementary school.

From Athens:  Take Rt. 32/50 to Albany (About 9 Miles).  Take the right fork (Washington Rd.) into Albany at the stop light (across from Family Dollar and  when you see the Marathon station).  Stay on Washington Rd. until you see Bigony-Jordan Funeral Home on the right (about 0.8 mile from the traffic light on 32/50).  Turn right at the funeral home (Alton St.).  The road will gradually swerve and go uphill. You will cross over the hill and turn into the lot behind the school.   You will see the old school/community center on the hill to your left.  Pull around to the back and enter through the gym door.

 2) Two ground rules are in effect for the use of this facility...

Safety First--This an old building, we use the gym and stage only.  Avoid going up the steps where another business is located.  There are restrooms in the hallway and an American Fare restaurant down the hallway.  

Second, no loud noise in the hallway outside the gym.

There can be no playing with soccer balls, yelling, running, TaeKwonDo kicking etc.  We share this building with a business that operates in audio therapy.  If we become a nuisance in any way, we will be left out in the cold, literally.

Please do your best to abide by these requests requests.

Old Albany Elementary (near library)

Old Albany Elementary