Indoor Soccer Training// Tournament

ver's Brawl
M i n d   B o d y  S p i r i t  S o c c e r

Bradley Metts 3v3 March 26
Ohio University Walter FieldHouse


March TRAINING REGISTRATION--Albany, Ohio 45710
March 8, 10 15, 17, 22, 24

Indoor Trainings take place in Albany gym. directions at:

5:15-6:00 PM Under 8
6:00-7:15 PM 
Under 10
7:15-8:15 PM Under 12
8:15PM-9:15 PM Under 14 High School Boys//High School Girls

 5:15-6:00 PM Under 8
6:00-7:15 PM
Under 10
7:15-8:15 PM Under 12
8:15 PM-9:15 PM Under 14// High School Boys//High School Girls


Lover's Brawl Tournament Registration

Spring League Starts April 11

Welcome to Goal Star Goalkeeping Academy,


The Goal Star Academy (GSA) is an entity of Athens Soccer Academy, LLC., and this initial season has plans for three separate and progressive clinics.  The Goal of this series of Clinics is to create a goalkeeper community across different teams and a few different age groups that can serve as a training source and model community of goaltending support. 

The Goalkeeping Syllabus outlines the specific technical, tactical, and emotional approach.  As this 2015/2016 winter progresses, our goal is to have these goalkeepers learn to train with each other, and when they see each other at the field, they can catch up on the new goalkeeper friends they have made. Goalkeepers need not attend the initial clinic in order to be welcome in the later sessions, though attending the full series will continue the learning and group engagement throughout the winter season.


The GSA will also utilize electronic and internet resources, specifically video footage to analyze individual performance and the How to Soccer Blog and the YouTube Channel.  Both of these resources have subscription options, so you can choose to see new postings as they are released.  Also The Goal Star Academy is on Facebook.  These features are meant to enhance learning and communication and will post clinic training updates as well as photos and videos. 

Members of the Academy should be aware that group and individual photos or videos are subject to these posts.  Please advise me if you wish for me to selectively to exclude your child from this coverage.

Goal Star Goalkeeper Academy

GoalKeeping Syllabus


Clinic 1

Static/ Dynamic Stretch and Warm-Up 1

Footwork 1 Agility Ladder

Attitude 1 Focus

Handling 1 Ball Familiarity Individual--# of touches

Positioning 1 Starting Position/ Ready/Set Position /Moving into Line/ Moving down the Line

Technical 1 Basic Techniques/ Basic Skills--Simple Saves




Clinic 2

Static/ Dynamic Stretch and w/ ball Warm-Up 2

Footwork 2 Agility Ladder

Attitude 2 Presence

Handling 2— Ball Familiarity Partner--# of touches

Positioning 2 Resarts

Technical 2—Basic Techniques/ Basic Skills—Shot Stopping//Communication/ Boxing/ Tipping






Clinic 3

Static/ Dynamic Stretch and w/ ball Warm-Up 3

Footwork 3 Agility Ladder

Attitude 3 Game Confidence

Handling 3— Ball Familiarity Group--# of touches

Positioning 3 Defending the service/Crosses

Technical Attacking Distribution Hand Foot/ Defending Breakaways



Albany Clinic Saturday November 28—11:00 AM—2:00 PM Clinic 1

Parkersburg Clinic Saturday December 5

Time To Be Determined Clinic 1

$60.00 Single Clinic

3 Clinic Package--$150


Summer 2015

Summer Skills Training Days
6 Week Program: Choose your dates

Under 8 Tuesday 5:15-6:30

June 2, 9, 30 July 14, 21, 28


Under 10 Wednesday 5:15-6:30

June 3, 10 July 1, 15, 22, 29


Under 12 Thursday 5:15-6:30

June 4, 11 July 2, 16, 23, 30

Under 15 6:30-7:45

Thursday June 11

Monday June 29

Thursday July 16,

Thursday July 23,

Thursday July 30

Athens Community Center 701 East State Street
Athens Ohio 45701
Grass/Tennis Courts


3 weeks  $27
4 weeks  $36
5 weeks $45
6 weeks  $54
2015 Under 6 Summer Stars Soccer Camp

Who: Players age 4, 5, or 6 and a Parent
What: Combination of skill training, snack time, and game involving the parent or guardian.
This camp teaches parents how to work with their kids at home. Parent or guardian should come dressed to play.
Where: Athens Community Center/ outside grounds/ indoor weather backup
When: Monday June 22--Friday June 26 5-6:30PM
Cost $60--

Bring a water bottle, soccer shoes and tennis shoes--flats-- depending on the ground hardness and the grass moisture content, shinguards, shorts, any color shirt, sunscreen, lawn chairs, blanket, umbrella, ice cream..
Weather/Game Day Protocol
If weather is an issue, we will move inside to the Albany gym--

I like to make the call whether we will be inside or outside as close to 3pm as possible and stick with it.  So, if we make the call @ 3:00pm to train outside, even if weather then turns nasty, we will cancel rather than retreat to the gym.  I need to give advance notice in order for us to use the gym, so this step is necessary.

In Harsh Weather
--Dress for Rain and wind.
--Plan to pick up your player in a warm car with a dry set of warm, comfortable clothing.
--Always send water with your player even if I begin to set up a container field side.
--Always write your name with Permanent Sharpie Marker on your soccer gear.
--Always check the skies before leaving; thunder or lightning cancels trainings//delays gam


Questions, email 
Registration process for SOSL Teams 
Step 1:
You can register to get emails for these teams by sending a blank email to the proper link below...
Please sign up for the appropriate team email list (based on age group) so you can get the team news and information.
Under 8 Team

UNDER 12 Boys Team

Under 14 Boys Team

 Double check your inbox to make sure you get the confirmation email
Winter 2014
Games played at Elite Sport Center in Parkersburg, WV.
Training Schedule
Trainings take place in Albany gym. directions at:
Tuesdays 5-6:15PM  High School Girls
Tuesdays 6:15-7:30PM U14 Girls
Tuesdays 7:30-8:45PM High School Boys
Thursdays 5-6:15PM  High School Girls
Thursdays 6:15-7:30PM U14 Girls
Thursdays 7:30-8:45PM High School Boys
Trainings take place in BEACON GYM. directions at:
3:00-4:30 U14 Boys
4:30-6:00 U12 Boys
6:00-7:30 Under 10 Coed
Kicks For a Cause
3v3 Rules
Law 1: Field of Play
  When the ball hits the upper part of the wall, the ceiling, basketball structure, or flies onstage, the ball is deemed out of play.
Law 2: The Ball
The ball shall be a futsal ball.
Law 3: Number of Players
The Number of Players shall be 3 on the floor at one time, with one reserve.  Rosters have a four player maximum. No goalkeepers are in the game.
Law 4: Players Equipment
All players equipment shall conform to US Soccer player specifications
Teams will be given shirts of a color to distinguish them during active play. Players should wear shirt, shoes, socks, shinguards, and gym shoes.
Any equipment deemed unsafe will have to be removed.
Law 5: The Referee
The Referee is empowered within the proscriptions of US Soccer. During active play the Referee shall have sole authority. In between matches the competition authority--Athens Soccer Academy--shall decide disputes.
Law 6: The Assistant Referee
During active play Athens Soccer Academy shall act as Assistant Referee and shall perform the time and score keeping functions.
Law 7: The Duration of the Match
Games shall last 16 minutes. There is no scheduled halftime, though teams may get one water break.  The tie-break procedure shall be a Golden Goal, one minute 1v1 game of players from opposing teams.
Law 8:The Start and Restart of Play
The First team listed on the game schedule shall be the Home team. The Visitor shall get the kick-off. A kick-off may be played into a team's own half (i.e. backward) to start play. Goals can be scored directly from a kickoff.
Additional Rules
Substitutions are allowed during active play
There is no offside
Fouls and Misconduct shall follow US Soccer Guidelines
All Free Kicks are direct
There are no penalty kicks
Balls out of play are restarted by a kick-in, a goalkick, or a corner kick.
The tie-break procedure shall be a Golden Goal mini game, with reducing numbers after 2 minutes until 1v1 game of players from opposing teams. 


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Dec 29, 2015, 1:01 AM